Think what you can do at Socialdesk

Socialdesk provides professional environments to focus on your project,
grow your business, host your client, be innovative and even just relax.

We cater both to local entrepreneurs and small businesses and especially welcome
business visitors in need of a professional place to work and use our incredible gigabit Internet.

Read below to find out all the great options and benefits you get when you join us.

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Coworking Space

When you cowork at Socialdesk you get an affordable option to working from home or from a coffee shop. You can work at our massive copper-topped counter that can hold 20 people which has been designed to accommodate both standing and seated work and does double duty as a great place to eat, drink and chat during our larger events. Or you can take a seat at one of our library style tables. These are designed for maximum flexibility and are a great place for several people to work on a project.

We hear that Starbucks is envious.


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Dedicated Desks

If you need more than a cowork space you can setup a permanent work space at one of our dedicated desks where you can have your very own work space which you can setup anyway you would like and leave it setup between your visits.


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Executive Conference Room

Meet with your customers in our large executive style conference room which sits 10-12 people and has a very large flat-screen for sharing the small screen from your PC, Mac, IOS or Android device. You can also audio conference using our full duplex conference phone or video conference.



Team Conference Rooms

We have two team "huddle" rooms that seat 8 to 10 and feature voice-over-IP full duplex speaker phones, large flat-screen monitors for screen sharing and video conferencing. One of our rooms features a height adjustable conference table for stand up meetings.



Multi-purpose Classroom

You can use our large multi-purpose room for large group meetings and classes, it can hold up to 65 comfortably. You can also video stream your class to the world if you want with our multi-camera, professionally produced live streamed video service.




SolidWorks 3D Design System

A unique offering we have in the Pensacola area is multiple seats of SolidWorks Premium design software. Installed on excellent workstations and high-performamce monitors.

Come on over and get your design on at Socialdesk.



Lifelong learning is critical to being productive and successful, we offer multiple classes such as our new Yoga & a Smoothie class starting in January 2017 in addition to various computer skills, marketing and entrepreneurship classes. As a member you will be invited to all learning events and offered a members-only discount if their is a cost.



Mailboxes and Package receipt

For a small monthly fee you can have your own private mailbox and we will receive your small packages and notify you when they arrive.


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Gigabit Internet

In conjunction with our technology partner Cox Business we are very proud to offer "Crazy-fast" Gigabit Internet. You will have no worries about the overloaded and slow Internet at coffee shops or the metered service at home or through your devices.


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Attractive Workplace

At Socialdesk you get a professional and very attractive office, one in which you can be your most productive and feel comfortable inviting your customers to for meetings. We take care of all the cleaning inside and outside the building. We also decorate the office with art from local artists that is for sell with all proceeds going to the artist.


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Easy Accessibility and Parking

Our location in mid-town Pensacola puts us in the middle of everything. We are just 10 minutes from Downtown or 11 minutes from the Cordova Mall area. Taking the bus? We are just a quick 3 minute walk from the Rosa Parks Transfer station and in fact we have two bus stops right outside our front door. Concerned about where to park? Don't be we have 50 parking spots around our building and over 120 more just a few seconds walk in the overflow area.



Business Center

We like to call our business center a little "Kinko's" because you get most everything you might find there. We have a fast copier/printer with all the cool finishing options, a laminator and document assembly area. You can save lots of time and gas by not having to leave the building.


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Coffee & Espresso

You can stay well fueled with our free "expresso" drinks, coffee, tea and water at our granite bars.


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My Socialdesk Slack Team

We wouldn't be very social if we did not provide you an online social media space where you can keep up with all the happenings at Socialdesk. All members get invited to the MySocialdesk Slack team where you can follow all the happenings at Socialdesk or you can collaborate using your own channel.



Relaxation Spaces

All work and no play makes for a dull and unproductive day. You can use ourrelaxation and collaboration spaces that feature lots of great cable TV channels, ping-pong and spots to take a quick nap.



Outdoor Patio

Need some fresh air? You can take you work outside to our New Orleans style patio which is great for enjoying the cool fall or spring breezes.