Top 10 Reasons to Join Socialdesk

From the GCUC/ALL Coworking in the US Survey, May 2016

From the GCUC/ALL Coworking in the US Survey, May 2016

Have you wondered why you should become a member of Pensacola Socialdesk? This post may help you answer that. We will look at how we measure up to the top ten reasons to join a cowork space that members of coworking spaces gave at a recent coworking conference.

The number one reason is to be a part of a community.

Socialdesk is the only local coworking space that curates our community through an application process. We are doing this not to try to be exclusive but to create a well balanced community. One in which all members are free to be themselves.

The number two reason was very closely related to number one, to have "interaction with others".

Socialdesk is establishing a collaborative community through focusing on coworking, hosting our 'accidental' events, offering relaxation areas for casual conversations and enjoying a game of basketball or ping-pong with other members.

Number three was because they received good value for their money.

While Socialdesk is not the least expensive coworking space in the area, we do provide an exceptional value for our members. For example you will get unlimited gigabit Internet, you can have free coffee and expresso and when the power goes out in the coffee shop, you can still work at Socialdesk because we have a full building generator, you can forget about the trips to the FedEx store because you can print and assemble and bind your documents right here.

Getting a good Internet connection came in at number 4.

Socialdesk has teamed up with Cox Business to offer a completely fiber-optic based gigabit Internet service. Our members will enjoy unlimited crazy-fast downloads and uploads which is critical to fully utilize the cloud computing technologies that many freelancers and small businesses rely on.

Being able to use basic office infrastructure was number 5.

Socialdesk not only provides the basic infrastructure such as a high-speed multi-function copy, scan, print station but also a fully equipped business center with everything you would expect from a UPS or FedEx store. You can fold, spindle and mutilate (and laminate) to your hearts content.

Being close to their home is number 6.

Socialdesk is located in mid-town Pensacola just 9 minutes from North Hill, 11 minutes from East Hill, and 10 minutes from Cordova Park.

Number 7 is being able to make random discoveries.

Being able to collaborate both in person and online and share thoughts and ideas will lead to making those kinds of random discoveries.  We have even named our monthly informal gatherings "Accidentals" because of the serendipitous events that are likely to occur.

Having a clean workspace was 8.

Everything about Socialdesk is designed to help us maintain a clean workspace. From the easy to clean sealed concrete floor to the use of carpet tiles which can easily be replaced if necessary to one of our core values being "Leave it like you'd like to find it." We want to work in a clean office and will work to insure that you can also.

Working around like minded people came in at number 9.

Being that we are a curated community will help to insure that you will be around like minded people.

And at number 10 it is for the events.

Socialdesk has two primary venues to host events. The first is our classroom which can hold up to 50-60 people and our entire first floor which can be transformed to an indoor/outdoor events space. However, even more important that the venue are the events themselves. We are developing a wide range of classes on social entrepreneurship, cloud computing, how to become a "B" corp and many more.