Socialdesk answers to the seven questions to ask before joining a coworking space.

Who Else Is Sharing the Space?

Socialdesk is a curated community where all of our members are invited to join. Our goal is to establish a cohesive collective identity. We will have social impact businesses, freelancers, technology firms and other professionals.

What Are Any Additional Benefits?

In addition to the fully equipped business center, free coffee and expresso, unlimited gigabit Internet, professional conference rooms, outdoor patio and relaxation and recreational areas - perhaps the most important benefit is the opportunity to build genuine friendships.

What Are the Hours of Operation?

At Socialdesk we will be open 24x7x365. All members with a dedicated desk or full-time coworking membership will get an access device.

For community associate members using the conference/meeting rooms, the building will be open from 8am to 7pm.

Will There Be Networking Opportunities?

Everyday our members will have opportunities to meet and collaborate with our other members.

In addition, we will have monthly "accidental" meetups which are a free community event that happens by chance (every month) that can be fortuitous, adventitious, fluky, coincidental, casual and serendipitous.

We will also have many types of classes you can participate in.

How Much Space Do I Get?

We have two types of plans, the dedicated desk is a semi-private area with a 4' x 2' work area or the coworking plan that provides access to the long counter or 4-person tables. We also have day use offices you can rent for those times when you really need a private office.

What Is Included in my Rent?

Every membership includes printing (120 black & white and 20 color) - unlimited scanning - access to our member portal - access to our virtual coworking site - access to - Wi-Fi Internet - refreshments (coffee & tea) - access to relaxation/collaboration zones - access to the outdoor courtyard - access to the business center/workroom - basketball & ping-pong - bike rack - janitorial and cleaning service.

Are Short-Term Memberships Available?

At Socialdesk all of our memberships are month-to-month. We don't try to lock you into any long-term commitments.