Two basic needs coworking fulfills

The professionalism of an office, the flexibility of a yoga class, the comfort of your living room and the fun of a cafe!
— Gaby de Kreek

A July 14th article in Fast Company magazine talks about "The Scientific Reason Why Coworking May Be the Future of Work". They cite research being done at the University of Michigan's school of business which uncovered two of the key benefits of coworking, flexibility and autonomy within a meaningful community. Coworking spaces, like Socialdesk, work hard to create a sense of community where people are "free to be themselves" because they are not competing with others around them.  This freedom results in ideas being more freely shared.

Socialdesk is committed to bringing these benefits to the greater Pensacola area. For more information please visit and consider applying to become a member of the community.

Fast Company Article

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