Our Vision

Our vision for Socialdesk is to help small social-driven business to flourish, but what does this really mean?

Let's go through it one step at a time. We are a small business and we want to help other small businesses that are freelancers or have just a few employees and do not need nor can afford an office of their own.

Socially-driven means those businesses (or individuals) that are working to help people and/or this area. This may mean technology startups that need to start small but intend to grow and create jobs, it includes all kinds of social entrepreneurs or so called B Corps i.e. businesses that have dual bottom lines, making a profit and making a difference, it also includes local offices of larger national or international non-profits, and it also includes creatives and professionals such as graphics artists, lawyers and accountants.

Ultimately, our vision is for our members to flourish. Flourish is a very descriptive word because it carries the meaning of thriving because of a particularly beneficial environment. Providing our members that beneficial environment is exactly what we are doing by building a highly collaborative community and providing a state-of-the-art, fully equipped workplace at a very affordable price.