Concierge Service @ Socialdesk


When you cowork at Socialdesk you not only get a great space, an engaged community, free coffee and espresso drinks but also a concierge level of service. We want your every experience at Socialdesk to be the most pleasant and productive time possible.

It starts with an immaculate facility, we are proud of our space and work hard to keep it very clean inside and out so if you bring some prospects by for a conference you don't have to worry about their first impression of you, it will be awesome.

We know that technology that doesn't work is a pain, so we have experienced IT staff onsite to help you when you need it. Think of it as your own IT department. Need some help with some esoteric Word or Excel feature - we have you covered. Thinking about moving to the Cloud - we are already there exploring the terrain and looking to share what we have found.

It is all in the little things, we stock a wide range of adapters so if you forgot your display port to hdmi adapter, no worries...just ask and we will lend you one.  If it is raining when you need to leave and don't have an umbrella - just borrow one or better yet we will walk you to your car.

Of course we will always have a fresh pot of coffee on and eager to hone up on our barista skills by making you your favorite espresso drink.

What could we offer to make sure you love your time at Socialdesk? Just post a comment or drop us an e-mail at to let us know.