Check out our new thinkers, makers and doers event calendar

One day last week we found ourselves struggling to find out what events were happening in town and ended up visiting numerous websites to compile a pretty complete list. We realized that standing up and maintaining a human edited and comprehensive community calendar could be very useful to lots of people in the community.  

Our calendar focuses on events by and for the thinkers, makers and doers among us.  It can be found at We monitor several dozen local event calendars and post the most pertinent events we find on our calendar. Our hope is to make our calendar your one-stop place to discover what is going on in this community.

Our calendar by default displays a pinboard view of events from today forward, but that can simply be changed to either a monthly or agenda view. It also has a nifty search feature where you type keywords or tags and get a filtered view, for instance type in "psd" to see events that are happening at Socialdesk or perhaps "lecture" to see lots of different kinds of lectures in town. If you want to let us know about your event just click the "Submit Event" button.

We welcome your comments.