Are you or do you know an evacuee from Irma that needs a place with great Internet to work? If so, please direct them to Socialdesk at 3695 North L Street, Pensacola, FL. We are opening our doors to provide them a great place to work while they are in Pensacola. This is at no cost and without any strings. Also, we have great coffee!

Another successful event at Socialdesk!

Pensacola Socialdesk in conjunction with Venture Hive in Fort Walton Beach recently held a very well received Lunch & Learn on Fund Raising for non-profits and small businesses. Special thanks goes to Bob Foster for organizing and speaking and picking a great panel made up of Patrick Rooney, Patrice Whidden, Jeff Keener and Tom Hutchings.

 All of the proceeds ($410.00) are being donated to the Rotary Foundation for helping to eradicate polio, poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition.

Here are a few photos taken from the event.

At Socialdesk, we provide a full range of event services from hosting your event to organizing, promoting and hosting an event for you.

We would love to see your event here!

ps: Notice the real glasses, plates and silverware - we will make you look good!


Fund Raising vs. Friend Raising lunch & learn

Fund Raising vs. Friend Raising - Capital Campaigns Techniques for Non-Profits & Growing Small Businesses

Pensacola Socialdesk in partnership with Venture Hive is pleased to announce an upcoming lunch & learn at Socialdesk (3695 North L Street, 32505)

Following a presentation by the Director of Venture Hive, Bob Foster, a Panel -- comprised of Panhandle Fund Raising Experts, Members of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the CEO of Coastal CXO Services-- will share their expertise and experiences. Foster, who has founded multiple technology companies, has raised millions in both the Private and Non-Profit Sectors, and will share his unique approaches to raising and preserving Capital. At the peak of the Tech Boom in Austin, Texas, Foster was the 6th most active Angel Investor, and was on the Boards of multiple non-profits in Central Texas. Other Panelists will be announced soon! The nominal pay-at-the door price of $10 will be donated to a Non-Profit by Pensacola Socialdesk and Venture Hive.

Register at Eventbrite

Free Coworking Day - Friday 2/3

Have you been wondering if coworking is right for you? Are you reading this from a crowded coffee shop?

If so then you need to stop by Pensacola Socialdesk this Friday, February 3rd for our first free, yes totally free coworking day. You can work at our great counter or any of our other flex desks. You can use our crazy fast Internet and of course enjoy all the coffee you want to drink.

Make your plans to be here at 3695 North L Street, just a few blocks west of Hwy 29 north of Fairfield in mid-town.

We look forward to seeing you then.

Leadership Pensacola @ Socialdesk

Thursday was a big day at Socialdesk. We were honored to host this month's LEAP day that focused on Economic Development. Over 60 people used our multi-purpose classroom for several in depth, informative and thought provoking presentations and a panel discussion with a diverse cross section of the private and public sectors. The class then enjoyed lunch in our 1st floor coworking area followed by several break-out sessions in our conference rooms that culminated in "shark-tank" type business proposals being presented to the owner of Socialdesk, Peter Nowak.

Check out these photos and imagine yourself working and having fun at Socialdesk.

We love to host events - please contact us for your next event!

Concierge Service @ Socialdesk


When you cowork at Socialdesk you not only get a great space, an engaged community, free coffee and espresso drinks but also a concierge level of service. We want your every experience at Socialdesk to be the most pleasant and productive time possible.

It starts with an immaculate facility, we are proud of our space and work hard to keep it very clean inside and out so if you bring some prospects by for a conference you don't have to worry about their first impression of you, it will be awesome.

We know that technology that doesn't work is a pain, so we have experienced IT staff onsite to help you when you need it. Think of it as your own IT department. Need some help with some esoteric Word or Excel feature - we have you covered. Thinking about moving to the Cloud - we are already there exploring the terrain and looking to share what we have found.

It is all in the little things, we stock a wide range of adapters so if you forgot your display port to hdmi adapter, no worries...just ask and we will lend you one.  If it is raining when you need to leave and don't have an umbrella - just borrow one or better yet we will walk you to your car.

Of course we will always have a fresh pot of coffee on and eager to hone up on our barista skills by making you your favorite espresso drink.

What could we offer to make sure you love your time at Socialdesk? Just post a comment or drop us an e-mail at to let us know.


Southern Energy Freedom Tour @ Socialdesk

Tonight at Socialdesk we hosted the Southern Energy Freedom tour organized by 350 Pensacola which is working on climate solutions for the Florida Panhandle.

Over twenty-five people gathered in our multi-purpose classroom to watch an informative movie on the effects of sea-level rise and a presentation by Peter Bryn with the Citizen's Climate Lobby on their political activities.

Special thanks to Christian Wagley and Jim Sparks for bringing this event to our community and to Socialdesk.

For more information please visit: and

Check out our new thinkers, makers and doers event calendar

One day last week we found ourselves struggling to find out what events were happening in town and ended up visiting numerous websites to compile a pretty complete list. We realized that standing up and maintaining a human edited and comprehensive community calendar could be very useful to lots of people in the community.  

Our calendar focuses on events by and for the thinkers, makers and doers among us.  It can be found at We monitor several dozen local event calendars and post the most pertinent events we find on our calendar. Our hope is to make our calendar your one-stop place to discover what is going on in this community.

Our calendar by default displays a pinboard view of events from today forward, but that can simply be changed to either a monthly or agenda view. It also has a nifty search feature where you type keywords or tags and get a filtered view, for instance type in "psd" to see events that are happening at Socialdesk or perhaps "lecture" to see lots of different kinds of lectures in town. If you want to let us know about your event just click the "Submit Event" button.

We welcome your comments.

Pensacola Socialdesk successfully launches our first live video event.

Link to the PensacolaSocialdesk YouTube Channel or Socialdesk website

The Pensacola chapter of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) chose to hold their September meeting in our large classroom that has been outfitted with three professional video cameras, audio mixer and video switch. This equipment coupled with our professional video production staff allowed the ATD to take their class to the next level by live streaming it globally via YouTube. Using the capacity of our crazy-fast gigabit Internet we can upstream video to YouTube at their highest resolution which allows viewers to watch the video on anything from a mobile phone, tablet, PC or high-definition television.

This month, Peter Nowak discussed micro-learning and how it is applied at his six Pensacola McDonald's restaurants. To see the video you can go to or direct to our YouTube channel.

Become a member of Pensacola Socialdesk and you too can take your next event or class to the next level.

Socialdesk answers to the seven questions to ask before joining a coworking space.

Who Else Is Sharing the Space?

Socialdesk is a curated community where all of our members are invited to join. Our goal is to establish a cohesive collective identity. We will have social impact businesses, freelancers, technology firms and other professionals.

What Are Any Additional Benefits?

In addition to the fully equipped business center, free coffee and expresso, unlimited gigabit Internet, professional conference rooms, outdoor patio and relaxation and recreational areas - perhaps the most important benefit is the opportunity to build genuine friendships.

What Are the Hours of Operation?

At Socialdesk we will be open 24x7x365. All members with a dedicated desk or full-time coworking membership will get an access device.

For community associate members using the conference/meeting rooms, the building will be open from 8am to 7pm.

Will There Be Networking Opportunities?

Everyday our members will have opportunities to meet and collaborate with our other members.

In addition, we will have monthly "accidental" meetups which are a free community event that happens by chance (every month) that can be fortuitous, adventitious, fluky, coincidental, casual and serendipitous.

We will also have many types of classes you can participate in.

How Much Space Do I Get?

We have two types of plans, the dedicated desk is a semi-private area with a 4' x 2' work area or the coworking plan that provides access to the long counter or 4-person tables. We also have day use offices you can rent for those times when you really need a private office.

What Is Included in my Rent?

Every membership includes printing (120 black & white and 20 color) - unlimited scanning - access to our member portal - access to our virtual coworking site - access to - Wi-Fi Internet - refreshments (coffee & tea) - access to relaxation/collaboration zones - access to the outdoor courtyard - access to the business center/workroom - basketball & ping-pong - bike rack - janitorial and cleaning service.

Are Short-Term Memberships Available?

At Socialdesk all of our memberships are month-to-month. We don't try to lock you into any long-term commitments.

Top 10 Reasons to Join Socialdesk

From the GCUC/ALL Coworking in the US Survey, May 2016

From the GCUC/ALL Coworking in the US Survey, May 2016

Have you wondered why you should become a member of Pensacola Socialdesk? This post may help you answer that. We will look at how we measure up to the top ten reasons to join a cowork space that members of coworking spaces gave at a recent coworking conference.

The number one reason is to be a part of a community.

Socialdesk is the only local coworking space that curates our community through an application process. We are doing this not to try to be exclusive but to create a well balanced community. One in which all members are free to be themselves.

The number two reason was very closely related to number one, to have "interaction with others".

Socialdesk is establishing a collaborative community through focusing on coworking, hosting our 'accidental' events, offering relaxation areas for casual conversations and enjoying a game of basketball or ping-pong with other members.

Number three was because they received good value for their money.

While Socialdesk is not the least expensive coworking space in the area, we do provide an exceptional value for our members. For example you will get unlimited gigabit Internet, you can have free coffee and expresso and when the power goes out in the coffee shop, you can still work at Socialdesk because we have a full building generator, you can forget about the trips to the FedEx store because you can print and assemble and bind your documents right here.

Getting a good Internet connection came in at number 4.

Socialdesk has teamed up with Cox Business to offer a completely fiber-optic based gigabit Internet service. Our members will enjoy unlimited crazy-fast downloads and uploads which is critical to fully utilize the cloud computing technologies that many freelancers and small businesses rely on.

Being able to use basic office infrastructure was number 5.

Socialdesk not only provides the basic infrastructure such as a high-speed multi-function copy, scan, print station but also a fully equipped business center with everything you would expect from a UPS or FedEx store. You can fold, spindle and mutilate (and laminate) to your hearts content.

Being close to their home is number 6.

Socialdesk is located in mid-town Pensacola just 9 minutes from North Hill, 11 minutes from East Hill, and 10 minutes from Cordova Park.

Number 7 is being able to make random discoveries.

Being able to collaborate both in person and online and share thoughts and ideas will lead to making those kinds of random discoveries.  We have even named our monthly informal gatherings "Accidentals" because of the serendipitous events that are likely to occur.

Having a clean workspace was 8.

Everything about Socialdesk is designed to help us maintain a clean workspace. From the easy to clean sealed concrete floor to the use of carpet tiles which can easily be replaced if necessary to one of our core values being "Leave it like you'd like to find it." We want to work in a clean office and will work to insure that you can also.

Working around like minded people came in at number 9.

Being that we are a curated community will help to insure that you will be around like minded people.

And at number 10 it is for the events.

Socialdesk has two primary venues to host events. The first is our classroom which can hold up to 50-60 people and our entire first floor which can be transformed to an indoor/outdoor events space. However, even more important that the venue are the events themselves. We are developing a wide range of classes on social entrepreneurship, cloud computing, how to become a "B" corp and many more.

Two basic needs coworking fulfills

The professionalism of an office, the flexibility of a yoga class, the comfort of your living room and the fun of a cafe!
— Gaby de Kreek

A July 14th article in Fast Company magazine talks about "The Scientific Reason Why Coworking May Be the Future of Work". They cite research being done at the University of Michigan's school of business which uncovered two of the key benefits of coworking, flexibility and autonomy within a meaningful community. Coworking spaces, like Socialdesk, work hard to create a sense of community where people are "free to be themselves" because they are not competing with others around them.  This freedom results in ideas being more freely shared.

Socialdesk is committed to bringing these benefits to the greater Pensacola area. For more information please visit and consider applying to become a member of the community.

Fast Company Article

University of Michigan Coworking Project

Building Social Entrepreneurship through the Power of Coworking

In the MIT Innovations journal there is an article titled "Building Social Entrepreneurship through the Power of Coworking" in it they talk about the Theory of Change pyramid with three integrated levels Space - Community - Innovation. Space is the foundation, and the platform for everything that happens, Community develops as people occupy the space and form relationships and Innovation emerges from the connections that people form in the space and in the community.

This is a great explanation for what Pensacola Socialdesk is all about. Like the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto, we see ourselves as "a platform, as building a community where our members can connect to the people, tools, learning, and resources they need to succeed".

Here is the link to the full article

Our Vision

Our vision for Socialdesk is to help small social-driven business to flourish, but what does this really mean?

Let's go through it one step at a time. We are a small business and we want to help other small businesses that are freelancers or have just a few employees and do not need nor can afford an office of their own.

Socially-driven means those businesses (or individuals) that are working to help people and/or this area. This may mean technology startups that need to start small but intend to grow and create jobs, it includes all kinds of social entrepreneurs or so called B Corps i.e. businesses that have dual bottom lines, making a profit and making a difference, it also includes local offices of larger national or international non-profits, and it also includes creatives and professionals such as graphics artists, lawyers and accountants.

Ultimately, our vision is for our members to flourish. Flourish is a very descriptive word because it carries the meaning of thriving because of a particularly beneficial environment. Providing our members that beneficial environment is exactly what we are doing by building a highly collaborative community and providing a state-of-the-art, fully equipped workplace at a very affordable price.